Sephora Tips and Tricks

When it comes to shopping at Sephora, you could say I’m a seasoned veteran. As in, they know me at my local Sephora. lol. This just means I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks along the way about getting the most out of your money.

Also, check out this post for some of my fav beauty products! And, if ya’ll shop through my links I do get a small commission (even if you buy something different than what I linked) which I’d so appreciate! That way I can try more products for y’all and help you find the best of the best!

Now to the tips:

First things first, if you aren’t apart of their rewards points program you’re missing out!

If you’re shopping at Sephora you’ll be spending some money so why would’t you want to get some free stuff in return for your purchases?! With their reward program, for every dollar you spend you’ll get one point in return. With those points you can use them on samples that they change out consistently. Some of the samples I’ve gotten with points have lasted me much longer than you’d expect, and they give good samples. Now, I don’t get a sample every time I go in. Hold out and save your points for the stuff you really want. Or even, save up for the 500 points gift set. I save mine up and get all of my travel shampoo and conditioner sets that way!

Shop their mini size cosmetics online or by the register.

Many products you can get away with buying a smaller less expensive size!  For example, these highlighters. Lets be honest, how much highlighter does it actually take for each makeup application? The answer should be, not much. Those larger highlighters could last you years. By then, they’ve come out with something else that you want and you’re left with ten different highlighters. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still own some regular sized highlighters but these mini sized work just the same. Plus, they are great for travel!


Another tip, this mini Fenty highlighter is the actual shade I use. However, the normal size product contains another shade I rarely used. Next time, I’m purchasing this mini size that even comes with a lip gloss because really I’m getting the same amount of product (since I only used one side of the highlighter), for $11 less!



When you go into Sephora, ever wanted a smoke of something? Well good news, you can get up to 3 samples per visit! This isn’t meaning the samples you get with points. This is samples of the tester products on the shelves!

Bought a product and didn’t love it?? Here’s what you can do.

Return it! That’s right, even if you used it you can still get your money back and buy a product that actually works! The even better part?? You won’t have to get grilled with questions on why it didn’t work! I was surprised to find that many of my friends were not aware of this little tip. Now, granted, don’t be that person who uses the whole product and returns it. I’m not sure that will work. But, even if you used it halfway up and decided it wasn’t working, you can still return it!

I say all this to show, don’t be afraid to buy a couple products you’re not sure which one (foundation, moisturizer, etc.) and return whichever didn’t work!

Stock up when they offer 2x or 3x the points or even discounts!

Sephora offers occasional promotional sales for reward points members (another reason to join) and seasonal extra points opportunities. This is usually when I stock up on my products! Because, think about it.

If I buy something during a 2x the points promo, say my foundation which is $44, then I get 88 points ( if it’s 3x = 132!). Since my points are normally one point for every dollar, it’s basically like getting a little extra money to save up towards this samples!


Comment any other fun tips y’all may have!

♥ HB


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