Men’s Fashion: Where To Shop

When it comes to men’s fashion, it seems like it is much harder to find go-to shopping sites. Women have it much easier. Their Instagrams are overflowing with bloggers and influencers telling them shop here and use this code and here’s exactly where to find this outfit! Men… not so easy.

By popular vote, I have rounded up some of the best places to shop for men’s fashion! Whether you are a guy or a girl shopping for your guy, I hope you find this list useful.

And, as always, to anyone who uses any of my links to shop, thank you so much! I do get commission (it is small), but it helps me be able to keep my blog going!

Nordstrom  – so many options from clothes, to shoes, to accessories.

Proper Cloth – If you want custom dress shirts this site is one you need to check out.

PacSun – Tons of trendy men’s clothing and won’t break the bank.


  Jeans (BOGO right now)                                            Oversized T-Shirt                                       Blue T-Shirt

H&M – Low prices and trendy styles while not looking cheap.


Sleeveless hoodie ($24.99)                                  Dress shirt ($29.99)                                   Shorts ($19.99)


River Island –  Wide range of styles and sizes (From preppy to edgy, from XXS to XXL).


Shorts  ($32)                                   Stripe button Down ($50)                                     Set of two swim trunks ($40)

FOREVER 21 – Again, if you want some low prices this is your place.


Jacket ONE                                                     Jacket TWO.                                              Shorts ($22.99)

If you don’t have a denim jacket, stop what you’re doing and get one. It’s a staple. Throw it on over a simple tee and you suddenly look more stylish. Seriously.

ZARA – Fashion forward clothing.


Boots (on sale for $79.99)                     Tons go great button downs                       Trendy hoodies


For more inspiration of putting together looks, here’s a link to my Pinterest board →

men’s fashion Pins


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