Hello lovelies! I’m Halee Brooke McKenzie, a southern girl born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. I’m a student at Samford University and I’ve always had a love for creativity. As I grew up, my creativity showed itself in my fashion, hair, and makeup, which grew into a passion. My dream has always been to share my passion with as many people as I can. With this blog I will share my personal style, beauty tricks, and anything else I want to share!


Now, let me share the heart behind the passion…

I believe in today’s society, there is often a distorted view of beauty that sparks insecurities. I know it sparks insecurities in me. However, I also believe that we were created by a God who made us each unique and beautiful in our own way. With this blog, my hope is to help you see beyond society’s definition of beauty to see the beauty that you possess. The beauty that you were created with. I hope to inspire you to be creative and confident in who you are. So thank you so much for stopping by, and if you ever have a question or comment for me, don’t be afraid to reach out!




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