Winter Beach Style

This look has me longing for spring. One of my favorite looks is a flowy top and some comfy linen shorts. Pair that with some booties and it’s the perfect beach outfit! With it being January, it was still too cold for T-shirt and shorts. So, I balanced out the shorts with a long sleeve shirt. I mean who doesn’t love the shorts and long sleeves look??

This outfit combines my favorite color choices when it come to clothes, in one. I tend to gravitate towards a neutral color palette when it comes to clothes so that everything becomes timeless and versatile. All this to say, don’t be afraid to own “too much of the same color.” Whoever said that was wrong. If it is a color that brings out the best you and makes you pop, then I say have as much of that color as you please! I used to think I owned too much green and white clothing and would try and branch out to avoid owning too much of the same thing. Until, finally, I realized if it looks good on and makes me feel good, then why on earth would I not buy it? If it makes you feel good about yourself, I say its a win.



Blouse– Free People

Shorts– Soca Clothing designer→Bella Dahl

Watch– Urban Outfitters

Boots– Jeffrey Campbell

Purse– Madewell

Earrings– Free People

Sunglasses– Ray-Ban




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