A chunky bundle

Have you ever experienced the shock your skin endures from a cold fall breeze after a long hot summer? The cold windy chill hits your skin and you your mind goes into a panic. “I’m going to freeze.” is all your mind can say in those short moments between grabbing your sweater and pulling it on. You can’t seem to get your sweater on fast enough. The air seems to get colder and colder. Finally, you pull your arms through your big chunky sweater and wrap a scarf around your bare neck. Now, your mind is at ease.

November is here and it’s that time of the year where we pull out the big chunky sweaters and the fabulous scarves to shield ourselves from the cold. However, I still love my sleeveless dresses and being able to go without tights, so how do I pull this off in the fall? The best way I know how is by pulling out a great layering sweater, my favorite scarf, and some fabulous tall boots.

The dress I wore here is a lighter fabric so to pull it into fall and keep warm, I paired it with a chunky sweater from Ralph Lauren and some great knee-high leather boots by Lucky Brand. Then, to really finish off the look, I wrapped my favorite infinity scarf around my neck, grabbed a simple leather tote, and I’m out the door.


Staple sweaters and scarves that you can easily throw on over multiple pieces can really help on those mornings you are in a rush to get out the door and can’t figure out what to wear. This sweater is a great neutral color that pairs easily with everything, and the scarf is full of color to go with many different outfits! I can’t forget to mention this incredible pair of neutral leather boots to throw on with almost anything!

〈Photography: Grace Bowes〉Check her out on her Instagram or VSCO account!

Dress – PPLA

Scarf- Anthropologie

Sweater – Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply⇒ similar here on sale!

Boots – Lucky Brand. Similar pair on 40% off ⇒here!

Bag – See this post here or here

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♥ HB


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