My holy grail hair product!

There’s nothing quite like a good hair day. A day where your hair decides to cooperate and look shiny, luscious and voluminous! I think we can all agree that those days can be harder to come by than we’d like. If only my hair looked like it did in this shoot everyday…

However, I do have a tip to help make your hair look fabulous everyday! Want to know my secret to making my curls have more volume??

Texturizing spray!

Seriously this stuff has changed my life! I can’t go a day without it!

My go to texturizing spray is Triple Sec by Dry Bar: A three-in-one volumizer, texturizer, and dry shampoo.

The bottle says it all: texturizing, amplifies, refreshes. Want to know the best part?? It actually does ALL of these things! Some products claim to do wonders for your hair and fail to live up, but this product never fails to impress me!

How do I use it? After I’ve curled my hair, I simply spray the product into my roots (like you would with a dry shampoo). Once I spray it on my roots (focusing on the top of my head, but I typically apply it all over), I run my fingers through my roots, giving the hair a little shake as I go to help the product really distribute and fluff my hair. Another little tip, give the rest of your hair below the roots a quick spritz of the product to really boost the volume!

The final product:

  Voluminous hair!  

Here’s an easy to follow step by step of what I described:

  1. Shake extremely well before every use.
  2. Spray three to four inches away from hair, focusing on the roots.
  3. For even more fullness, spray with head upside down.

I hoped you enjoyed this post!

Want to see a tutorial?! If you want to see more post like this, or a tutorial on how to get these waves, comment below and let me know!

♥ HB


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