My Current Healthy Eating Favorites

Let’s talk Nutrition! Now I am in noway a certified nutritionist, so contact a nutritionist or doctor before making drastic changes to your diet. Also, remember that some Diest may be good for one person and bad for another because every body reacts to food differently. My best friend is in school to become a … More My Current Healthy Eating Favorites


Gym Talk: Style

People are always asking me for gym tips and this year I’ve finally started to share more about my fitness journey! Which is always ongoing and never has an end point. I’m constantly striving to meet new goals in the gym and discovering new hacks to help me get there. One of my best tips … More Gym Talk: Style

Marine Layer

Say hello to my new favorite brand, Marine Layer! They just opened a new store location at the Summit Birmingham, in-between Anthropologie and J-Jill, and you’ve gotta go check it out! They are a San Fransisco based company that is totally fabric obsessed. I mean just feel how soft their clothes are and you’ll believe … More Marine Layer