Gym Talk: Style

People are always asking me for gym tips and this year I’ve finally started to share more about my fitness journey! Which is always ongoing and never has an end point. I’m constantly striving to meet new goals in the gym and discovering new hacks to help me get there.

One of my best tips to getting a better workout in, is so simple you’re probably going to roll your eyes.

Invest in cute gym clothes!

I’m serious, it’s that simple! Plus, it is scientifically proven.

Dr. Jonathan Fader, sports psychologist for the New York Mets, says these findings totally hold-up in real life. “When you put on new fitness gear, you begin to get into character like an actor putting on a costume for a performance,” says Fader. “As a result, you expect to have a better performance, making you more mentally prepared for the task.” -from

Even in my own fitness journey I’ve seen this to be true. When my workout clothes get old and worn and stop fitting to my body like they did a year ago, I find my performance is lackluster. I may be giving half the effort I do when I put on an outfit that fits well and shows off my style.

Now this doesn’t mean you haveee to buy those pricey leggings. There are options that are more affordable (linked below). But, just know that pricey or not, the workout clothes you buy will be worth it!

Think about it this way, when you out on a pair of heels, what does that do to you confidence level? Most girls would say they feel instantly sexier and more confident. You walk taller and straighter, “Strut” by the Cheetah Girls is suddenly your theme song of the day, and you feel ready to take on anything.

Same goes for a workout outfit that fits well and looks cute! You’re going to feel ready to take on your workout and put effort into it. Plus, you deserve to show off that bod you worked so hard for! Don’t feel bad about that.

So trust me when I say, it’s important to invest in yourself!

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Outfit – Varley TOP, BOTTOMS (Currently both on SALE! Wearing size small in both. Top could size down for tighter fit)

Other workout clothes I LOVE:

For size reference, I am a size 4 in Lululemon. Most other brands I’m still size 4 or a S.


Leggings (under $55)


 Koral Leggings (with the finish you could totally wear them out of the gym too!       More bang for your buck)

Chill By Will ( Only $28 super cute! Love flows tops to balance out tight leggings!)

Splits 59: Have their leggings LOVE (Currently having a 45% OFF SALE!) I wear a small in their stuff. Jean/pant size for reference I’m a 26-27 or 4-6


Cropped long sleeve SO CUTE Only $37 now! PLUS extra 45% OFF!

Cute Design on these Leggings



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