Winter Skin Care Beauty Guide

Its that time of year. The air is now cold and dry, those beautiful summer tans have faded and it’s time to revamp your skin care routine! So, today I thought I’d talk about my winter skin care routine and the products I use.

I think it’s safe to say I’ve tried my fair share of beauty products. I get questions all the time about my beauty routine, what makeup I use, and where I get all these products. So, I’m finally going to give you a run down on some of my current beauty favs for skin care with links where I buy them!

As the seasons change, so does my beauty routine. My skin’s needs are different in the winter than say, in the summer. With winter comes cold, dry air. This means I have to tweak my beauty routine to give my skin a little extra moisture. I also add moisture to my foundation with Tarte Maracuja Oil (let me know if you want a tutorial on my foundation routine). My number one tip you ask?? AGUA! Drink lost of water! Not only is it amazing for keeping your skin hydrated and glowing, but it is also great for things such as digestion, energy, metabolism, and the list goes on!

Now onto the products…

Facial Cleanser:

Cetaphil                                                                     Clarisonic



I have a couple of favorites. My skin gets very dry, especially in the winter, so I use a heavy moisturizer every night to keep my skin soft and glowing!

Origins Drink Up-Intensive Overnight Mask                CeraVe (AM&PM) Facial Moisturizing Lotionscreen-shot-2016-12-08-at-1-27-09-pm

Face Masks:

Origins Charcoal Mask                      Boscia Luminizing Black Mask                        Sephora Masks



Splurge→ Moroccanoil                     Tan→ St. Tropez                              Drugstore→ Aveeno  


Stay tuned for more beauty tips and tricks! Leave a comment below with any posts you want to see!

♥ HB


7 thoughts on “Winter Skin Care Beauty Guide

  1. I love looking at what other peoples skincare routine is like. I really like the Origins moisturizer and find that it keeps my skin nice and soft. Thanks for sharing x


  2. It sure raised my mood when you said that exfoliating the old and dead skin cells is one way to make the skin healthy as the newer cells will have more opportunity to absorb nutrients.


  3. In winter our skin gets dried due to cold weather, dry wind and bright sunlight. So our regular skin care product is not enough to protect our skin. So we need to follow the beauty routine and use the hydrating and moisturizing product. I used Shadia Elamin skin care beauty products but I liked your information. Definitely apply your products in this winter.


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