The Other Side

Passion. A powerful or compelling emotion or feeling.

One of my greatest passions has always been photography. I love the artistic elements of a photo. I love the magic of capturing a moment, forever frozen in time to be remembered for years to come. I love the creative side that taking photographs brings out in me. I love that through my lens, I can see the world in a different light. A refreshing, new light that brings about a deeper appreciation for God’s creation.

Recently, I was asked to photograph the younger sister of my roomate/bestie, Olivia Smeltzer. Olivia was an unexpected joy to shoot! I love seeing someone go from being unsure how to be infront of the camera to an absolute pro who shines with confidence! Not to mention she is gorgeous so how could she not be confident?!

Going into the shoot, I had yet to realize how much I missed being on the other side of the lens. Then, the moment came when I saw a spot that looked promising to shoot infront of. I directed Olivia for the shot, snapped the shot, and when I looked at the result, I suddenly realized it’s been way to long. This is something I love and should still be doing. Life is too short to put the things we love on hold because there’s “no time.” God gave us passions and dreams, and it’s our job to step out and act on them. We need to step out in faith beyond our fear of rejection or failure. As George Addair said, “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”

Here’s the lovely shots from our shoot! Olivia’s sister Sara jumped in for a couple too! Enjoy! ♥ ⇓

Hair, makeup, styling and photography by me😊



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