Modern Victorian

There’s something about clothes inspired from a different era that I can’t resist. I love the concept of taking an old idea and making it modern, all while still staying true to the original idea. That’s what this outfit ended up being all about. Marrying the old and the modern.

Here I took a top from free people with a Victorian vibe, with a pair of modern vegan leather leggings, and some killer black heels for a classic yet modern feel.

To be honest, I kind of stumbled upon this outfit accidentally. We were in between looks, and my photographer wanted to stop and see how the shot at this location would look. Not only was the spot magic, but I happened to love the outfit!

It’s classic, yet modern. Light, yet dark. Simple, yet bold.


〈Photography: Grace Bowes〉Check her out on her Instagram or VSCO account!

Shirt- Free People⇒ try some of these styles by Free People 

Leggings- Astars (more looks with them here)

Shoes- Polo

similar styles: by Polo. By Sam Edelman. By H&M.

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♥ HB


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